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Dance Affair is a group of 3 ladies coming from different cultural backgrounds, however connected by the passion for dancing.


We have met on a salsa dance floor, got to know each other and danced together since early 2011. Each one of us has a few years of prior experience in dancing salsa, supported with other dancing styles – reggaeton, dancehall, twerk, burlesque, bachata, kizomba, jazz and ballet. We are constantly improving our dance skills by learning from each other and from other amazing dancers.


Dance Affair came into live in 2012, and as of today the group consists of 3 dancers: Agi, Dina and Stasja. However, we are open and excited about expanding Dance Affair with new members in the nearest future.


Why are we different and distinct from other dancers? Because apart from dancing salsa, we take inspiration from other dancing styles, mixing and blending various moves and steps, which makes our shows, choreographed by team members, unique and full of surprise and energy.


Sharing our passion for dance in form of performance and teaching is what we are most excited about.